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Sponsoring a Student

If interested in sponsoring a student, we ask that you be mindful to see them through their years of school. We prefer to think of it as being their godmother "marin" or godfather "parin", staying in their lives to pray for them and love on them.

Many times we see a sponsor only do so for a year and drop them. This is the reason you see so many that are 20+years and only in the 7th grade (for example). Students in the upper grades or upper ages are the most difficult to find sponsors for.  Everyone wants the cute little children and then drop them when they are older. So we ask you to consider the young adults also. They deserve an education just like any of the other students.

You can make a big difference in a child or young adults life. After all, education is the key to a brighter future!

School Sponsorships: Who We Are
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