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Sewing School

We are currently trying to focus on our sewing school with a goal of $20,000 to finance the needs in making this school operational. We are also looking for a name for the school. The hope for the sewing school is to teach sewing skills to make uniforms for the schools, dress shirts for church, and many other articles of clothing. We recently were guided by God to visit Paul, an instructor we are planning to employ in the school.

The sewing school building has been rented for 10 years. We are needing to make some electrical changes in the building, install a  toilet, and also purchase sewing machines, tables, chairs, and necessary supplies. If you have skills in sewing and/or are interested in helping us accomplish this goal, please contact us. If you wish to sponsor

Needs for the sewing school:

3 machines -2 non-electric and 1 electric $2000

2 tables $300

Solar panels, inverter with batteries and labor $6000

2 clothing irons and 2 iron boards - pending cost

2 dozen chairs $100

Professional instructor/ 3 mos. @$300/month $900

Rulers/scissors, misc supplies $200

3 blackboards and chuck papers $200

Furniture for sewing(tissues) $460

4 ceiling fans with lights @$150 each =$460

Preparation of building/toil $2000

The school will hold 15 students. The cost per student will be $480. It is a 2 year course that will include a diploma at the end.  If you wish to sponsor a line item or a student, please contact us.

Genesis 3:7

Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves loin coverings.

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Sewing School: Welcome
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